Speedtouch Support Forum NZ – Open DMZ or disable NAT on 546 v6

K, problem fixed with the help of our Internet Provider. Some steps where missing.

Here are what needs to be done in order to deactivate NAT on our speedtouch.

For example:

Public IP addess of our Router:

Public IP addresses availables for our company: to

I will set the router address to and our Linux server (Https, mail etc..) to (mask or /28)

– set Up the router like the usual way. Make sure it works.

– unplug DSL cable

– ppp ifdetach intf=Internet

– nat ifconfig intf=Internet translation=disabled

– ppp ifconfig intf=Internet unnumbered=enabled

– ip ipadd intf=LocalNetwork addr= addroute=enabled

– ppp ifattach intf=Internet

– saveall

– exit than reboot speedtouch.

On our Linux Server:

ifconfig eth2 netmask

route add default gw

Then, it works.

All Internet requests will be directly assigned to our public ip address (for example extranet.mycompany.com), and it will directly go to our linux server.

Thanks for your forum. Informations here are incredibly interesting.


Laurent Blin

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