htdigest sous Lighttpd

Les htaccess n’existent pas sous Lighttpd, mais il y a un équivalent de taille. Vérifiez avant de commencer que le module mod_auth est bien chargé. Nous allons dans un premier temps générer (avec -c pour la première fois, comme un htaccess) un fichier contenant les identifiants pour être autoriser à consulter tel ou tel site : […]

Run PHP with a light weight webserver |

Multiple light-weight httpd server In search for a lightweight solution to run some php pages on my Debian diskless shellserver it appears there are several lightweight httpd daemons in Debian that can do php. I created some virtual machines on KVM to do some testing. Here follows a short howto to get the different httpd […]

How to WWW Redirect the Right Way! (Apache, nginx and lighttpd)

Canonical URL is part of a problem for most blogs. Most people who concern about different versions of a URL that display the same content are likely worry about duplicate content issue. As we know, that is not good from the search engine standpoint. The solution is to www redirect — redirecting your blog from […]

lighttpd + PHP-FPM on Debian Squeeze – saghul, on code

lighttpd + PHP-FPM on Debian Squeeze I’m not a super-BOFH but I do like to host my own blog (not this on, though) and play with stuff. In the past I used to use Apache, but I never liked the VirtualHosts configuration, specially when it gets big. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying its […]

Lighttpd – HowToSimpleSSL – lighty labs

Setting up a simple SSL configuration¶ Setting up a simple SSL configuration with Lighttpd is quite easy. Though this method should be used with care because this setup will only provide proper encryption, not authentication! The user will be presented with a query whether to accept the certificate or not! First, go into your SSL […] :: basic http authentication with lighttpd

Password protection can limit access to your website or a specific sub-directory. lighttpd.conf Make sure you enable mod_access and mod_auth in your lighttpd.conf: server.modules += ( « mod_access » ) server.modules += ( « mod_auth » ) htpasswd #htpasswd -c ~/lighttpd/foo-auth.xt username Running this command will prompt for this user’s new password to store in the txt file. Combining […]

APC + petit PC

<span class="html">Want to avoid segmentation with  apc.shm_segments?If your linux server limits the shared memory block  size and you're forced to use apc.shm_segments instead, change the  setting by using (here is 512M but change it as you like): # sysctl -w kernel.shmmax=536870912 (but if you want the change to be permanent after a restart you would have to add […]

URL rewriting sous lighttpd pour wordpress optimisé SEO

Pour faire fonctionner wordpress avec le rewriting et lighttpd, j’ai trouvé ça en surfant : $HTTP[« host »] =~ « votreurl » { url.rewrite-final =( # On ne reecrit pas certain dossiers « ^/(wp-admin|wp-includes|wp-content|gallery2)/(.*) » => « $0 », # meme chose pour les fichiers .php « ^/(.*.php) » => « $0 », # Par contre on refait les permaliens « ^/(.*)$ » => « /index.php/$1 » ) } Mon conseil […]