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Increase the speed of Linux Software RAID reconstruction If you are in a situation where you sit in front of the console (or on a remote ssh connection) waiting for a Linux software RAID to finish rebuilding (either you added a new drive, or you replaced a failed one, etc.) then you might be frustrated […]

2010 November 24 « Juanma’s Blog

The first thing you must learn about RAID technologies in Linux is that they have nothing in common with HP-UX, and I mean nothing! Yes there is LVM but that’s all, the mirror of a volume group for example is not done through LVM commands, in fact you are not going to mirror a volume […] Tech Blog: Creating a 4-disk RAID10 using mdadm

Creating a 4-disk RAID10 using mdadm Since I can’t seem to find instructions on how to do this (yet)… I’m going to create a 4-disk RAID10 array using Linux Software RAID and mdadm. The old way is to create individual RAID1 volumes and then stripe a RAID0 volume over the RAID1 arrays. That requires creating […]

mdadm delete linux raid – Linux/BSD

Fail all the devices, then remove them, then stop the raid. eg mdadm –manage /dev/mdfoo –fail /dev/sdfoo mdadm –manage /dev/mdfoo –remove /dev/sdfoo mdadm –manage –stop /dev/mdfoo mdadm –zero-superblock /dev/mdfoo viamdadm delete linux raid – Linux/BSD.

Mdadm – How can i destroy or delete an array : Memory, Storage, Backup and Filesystems

So, you created an array and you messed up something? Now you would like to delete it? Please note: all data will be lost with this operation! 1. Stop the array Code: Select all # mdadm -S /dev/md0 2. Remove the disks from the array (in my example md0 is a raid5 array with 3 […]

raid avec mdadm sur le disque système apres installation en debian lenny

Installation RAID1 Logiciel sous Linux Debian Lenny x64 Installation. Installer un système Debian avec deux disques dur, laisser le deuxième disque (sdb) sans partitions, voici une imprime d’écran des partitions faites pour ce document : 1. Installez les paquets nécessaires : apt-get install initramfs-tools mdadm Ensembles MD requis par le système de fichiers racine : […]