Load Testing and Benchmarking With Siege

Siege is a fantastic utility for helping with Linux server management by exposing problems before they go into production. It’s open source software (GPLv2 or later) and easy to get started with. Siege is packaged for Debian and Ubuntu, but it doesn’t look to be packaged for Fedora and openSUSE (at least in the default En savoir plus surLoad Testing and Benchmarking With Siege[…]

Test your pop3 connection from telnet

Test Your Pop3 Connection From Telnet (22-08-2001)Start a Dos prompt Type: telnet « the name of the pop3 server » 110 Type: user « username » Type: pass « password » Type: list You will then get a list over the mails in your mailbox Type: retr « mailnumber » You will then see the mail with the mail number End the session En savoir plus surTest your pop3 connection from telnet[…]