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zssh, ZModem ssh, an alternative way to ssh and scp? To perform file transfer and ssh in ordinary way you need ssh and scp.

Conventional way, let say you want to download certain files from a root directory of a server which you do not sure where is the actual location.

First you login to the server, search for the location, then open another terminal and uses scp to download the file.

Assume server name : shell.org , Login name: mysurface

ssh mysurface@shell.org

After surfing the directories, I discovered that the file you wanna download is at /var/www/ctw/popup/.htaccess

So, I open a new terminal, and uses scp to download the file to current directory.

scp mysurface@shell.org:/var/www/ctw/popup/.htaccess .

zssh way,

First step is the same

zssh mysurface@shell.org

After locate the file, simply do this

sz .htaccess

[sz means send ]

Without need to open a new terminal, press control shift 2 or simply known as [^@] to enter zssh mode. In this mode, you are like in your local machine, change directory to the place you wanna store the file, and then start receive the file.


Done! After that you can return to your ssh mode by control d [^d] or simple type exit or quit.

The upload works the same way, but you do not need to type rz at remote server, it will do it for you automatically.

Press ^@ to enter zssh mode, search the file to upload, then

sz dummy.cpp

Requirement: Both remote server and local host need to install sz and rz

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