MySQL Error 23 on Linux | Chris Johnson’s Blog

If you have ever encountered a “23 error” you are most likely running MySQL on a windows machine. The error looks something like this: ERROR 23 (HY000): Out of resources when opening file ‘./somedb/sometable.MYD’ (Errcode: 24) What this error typically means is that MySQL has exceeded the limit for the number of files you can […]

irockasterisk: How to set the concurrent calls limit on SIP trunk in Asterisk?

Method2 (preferred): Looking at cons of using call-limit, I decided not to use it even though I found it to be really easy implementation. Similar goal can be achieved via the use of GROUP() and GROUP-COUNT() functions available in Asterisk Dialplan. You don’t have to make any adjustments on SIP Trunk configuration for call limit […]

Increase the speed of Linux Software RAID reconstruction | MDLog:/sysadmin

Increase the speed of Linux Software RAID reconstruction If you are in a situation where you sit in front of the console (or on a remote ssh connection) waiting for a Linux software RAID to finish rebuilding (either you added a new drive, or you replaced a failed one, etc.) then you might be frustrated […]

Sysadmin Wiki : openvz

OpenVZ est une technique de virtualisation noyau, qui permet de partager le noyau entre plusieurs systèmes. Il est équivalent à Vserver. Voici quelques commande d’exploitation utiles : vzctl set 107 –diskspace 6G:7G –save #définir les quotas disques à 6Go soft et 7Go hard vzctl set 106 –save –tcprcvbuf 17203200 #augmenter le quotas de reception tcp […]